“To melt of pleasure”! A crisp and creamy spread, to be enjoyed simply with a spoon for gourmands. Be careful, chocolate cream and speculoos make addictive! This spread is made from Valrhona chocolate and a spread of speculaas, with hint of cinnamon to intensify the spicy taste of speculaas. Some bites of this famous cookie add the crunchy.

How to use it ?

Taste it on a crepe, a waffle, a shortbread cookie, or on the slices of bread for the breakfast!

Recipe idea: shortbread biscuits stuff with chocolate spread and crunchy speculaas, or a tart with vanilla cream, pear and chocolate spread and crunchy speculoos.

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Valrhona chocolate (37%), cream of speculaas (37%)


Data sheet

Valrhona chocolate (37%) (sed cane sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vanilla extract, emulsifer : soya lecithin), cream of speculaas (37%) (condensated milk, cinnamon, glucose syrup) rapeseed oil, speculaas (4%) (cereals (wheat flour, whole wheat flour), unrefined cane sugar, margarine (sunflower oil, cocoa butter water, emulsifer : lecithin of sunflower, citric acid, natural aroma), honey, cinnamon, baking powder : bicarbonate of sodium, emulsifer : lecithin of sunflower, sea salt).
Allergenic Ingredients
lait, soja, gluten
Keep in the fridge after opening

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