Diamond Provence


(€11.28 les 100ml)

Bigger version of our famous black truffle olive oil. We carefully selected all the ingredients of this preparation in Provence : the French olive oil comes from Nyons, the black truffle (tuber melanosporum 9g in each bottle) comes from Provence, main producing region of this black diamond. "Thank you" Alain who made the perfect composition of our Black Truffle Olive oil.


Black truffle has an important place in the Aix&terra range. The factory offer more than 10 products made with blak truffle tuber melanosporum and white truffle tuber aestivum, all of them cultivated in Provence. Virgin olive oil from Nyons ( Tanche des Barronies) handmade with black olives and enliven with black truffle tuber melanosporum from Provence. This flask combines strongs scents of the tuber melanosporum and the fruity scents of the Provençale olives.

How to use it ?

Enjoy it on a carpaccio, a risotto, fresh pasta or mashed potatoes.

Recipes ideas : tartare of sea bass at black truffle olive oil and sage / scramble and truffle chips, truffle salt and truffle oil

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Virgin olive oil from France (96,9%), black truffle from Provence (Tuber melanosporum) (1,6%)


Data sheet

Virgin olive oil from France (96,9%), black truffle from Provence (Tuber melanosporum) (1,6%), truffle aroma (1,5%)
Keep away from heat and light

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