Recipe idea : Pastilla with duck confit, caramel & spice

Published : 10/09/2019
Categories : Carnet de recettes

Recipe idea : Pastilla with duck confit, caramel & spice

Ingredients for 4 people : 320g duck confit • 1 big onion • 100g carrots • 140g caramel & spices • 200g mashed sweet potatoes • 8 leafs of filo pastry • 20ml veal stock • olive oil • salt - pepper.

Cut the carrots and onions in small quarters and cook them in a pan.

Heat slightly the duck confits so you could remove the fat and shred it, then mix with onions and carrots.

Add some salt and pepper, and heat it with 60g of Caramel & spices for 3 minutes.

Place the preparation in the center of 2 leafs of filo pastry, close it and take lightly oiled pastillas in an oven for 10 minutes at 200°C.

Mix 80g of Caramel & spices with the veal stock to prepare the sauce.

Serve with mashed sweet potatoes and a drizzle of sauce.

aix&terra’s tip: Serve the pastilla with a green salad. Prepare your vinaigrette with organic Olive oil with basil and Vinegar and fig pulp.