Recipe idea : Samosas in my way… à la provençale

Published : 05/25/2018
Categories : Carnet de recettes

Recipe idea  : Samosas in my way… à la provençale

Ingredients for 4 people : • 2 sheets of phyllo pastry • 80g tunas dip • 80g organic sundried tomatoes spread • Salad • Cherry tomatoes • 3 tablespoons of organic olive oil with basil • 3 tablespoons of vinegar, tomatoes and basil.

Cut each sheet of phyllo pastry into 8 triangular shapes.

Put them on a baking dish covered with parchment paper, oil them lightly with a brush, sprinkle with thyme and bake for 4 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°C.

Prepare your vinaigrette with Olive oil with basil and Vinegar, tomatoes and basil, season your salad and add some tomatoes.

Place the salad in the center of the plate and arrange over it the sheets of phyllo pastry alternating, just like a “millefeuille”, the toppings with Tunas dip and Sundried tomatoes dip (2 teaspoons per layer)

aix&terra's tip : You can also replace the Tunas dip by Sardines dip, from la Manufacture !