Made in Provence

Aix&terra celebrates and reinvents recipes based on the best provencal gourmet art of cooking.

Every day we receive a variety of seasonal products directly from local farmers and producers. Lemons from Menton, figs from Solliès, melon from Cavaillon, almonds from Valensole, olives from Nyons… All our products are prepared in a traditional way with fruits and vegetables from Provence.

Gourmet gift packs are available in your grocery or in our online store.

Natural and traditional production

Every aix&terra product is a unique creation to celebrate a local gourmet tradition. Our recipes are inspired by the beauty of our agricultural crops, the gourmet know how and the Provence way of life.

For example we have created a jam of citre (watermelon) with orange, a typical fruit from South of France.The olive oil with black truffle is prepared with Nyons olive oil and the tuber Melanosporum from Provence. The white chocolate cream with Provence almonds is made with the famous Valrhona chocolate and almonds from Valensole.

Our products by ranges

Hymns to the Mediterranean colors

The aix & terra collections are easily recognized by their colorful packaging. Each label is illustrated with a drawing of the fruit or vegetable in the composition of the recipe.

All ingredients of Provence have their recipes! L'Aubergine, Mediterranean vegetable par excellence, is eaten in Riste Grilled Eggplant or aubergine caviar with truffle; Melon in different delights of Melon Jam at Pastaga (Marseille pastis) to Cream Melon de Cavaillon via the "Tea of the Popes" green tea Melon.

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