Caramel spread & Camargue salt


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Taste it on a crepe, a waffle or a shortbread cookie.

Hand made

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The real indulgence! Impossible to resist to the caramel! This spread is the perfect recipe to add to any dessert! The creamy texture of the caramel, completely handmade in the cupper cauldron, is associated with a little pinch of Camargue salt in order to enhance the taste. This recipe to keep all the time at home, to put on a ice cream for an unexpected desert!

How to use it ?

This caramel can be eat on simples desserts as a crepe, a waffle or a shortbread cookie. We can also put it on a cake, or a vanilla ice cream.

Recipe idea: choux buns stuffed with a vanilla ice cream, caramel spread and Camargue salt

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Sugar (51%), Camargue salt (0,2%)


Data sheet

Sugar (51%), butter (milk), single cream (milk), Camargue salt (0,2%)
Allergenic Ingredients
Keep in the fridge after opening

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