Cream of chocolate, chestnuts, made with Valrhona chocolate and cream of Ardèche chestnuts. A creation 100% Rhône Valley! "Made in Drôme-Ardèche" This unprecedented spread is handcrafted with dark chocolate and Valrhona milk chocolate, chestnut cream and chestnuts candied in syrup. A creamy alliance where the full-bodied taste of chocolate meets the candied and slightly vanilla flavors of the Ardèche chestnuts, whose fine splashes give the cream a texture that is both melting and crisp.

How to use it ?

This chocolate cream with chestnuts is delicious on a brioche, a croissant, a pancake, a waffle or simply, eat it directly from the jar! Recipe idea: tart with vanilla cream, pear and chocolate cream with chestnuts

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Valrhona chocolate (29%), chestnut cream (29%)


Data sheet

chocolat Valrhona (29%) (sucre de canne roux, lait entier en poudre, beurre de cacao, pâte de cacao, extrait de vanille, émulsifiant
Allergenic Ingredients
soja, lait
Keep in the fridge after opening

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