Raspberry Jam with Lemon from Menton 4.41 OZ


(€4.02 les 100g)

Raspberry Jam with Lemon from Menton

Hand made in Provence



The summer jam! Raspberries of Ardèche, fleshy and fruity, are combined with the lemon from Menton, a rare citrus fruit cultivated by passionate people. The lemon of Menton is famous for its naturally sweet pulp, more intense aromas and moderate acidity, it makes the happiness of the starred chefs. A sensual creation with acidulous flavors, eat it on grilled bread with a pinch of salt butter from Camargue.

How to use it ?

On toast with a touch of Camargue salt butter. This jam can be enjoyed simply in a yogurt, on a pancake, in a rolled cake or on a cheesecake.

Recipe idea: tartlet with raspberry jam and lemon of Menton

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Raspberries (54%), sugar, Menton lemon juice (2%)


Data sheet

Raspberries (54%), sugar, Menton lemon juice (2%), Menton lemon peels (1%), gelling agent : pectin
Keep in the fridge after opening
Fruit content
préparée avec 54 grammes de fruits pour 100 grammes
Total sugar content
57 grammes pour 100 grammes

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