Green and black olives jam 22.93 Oz


(€3.35 les 100g)

Ideal on toasts with goat cheese !

Hand made

22.93 OZ


The real sweet and sour delight! The meeting of the fruity green olive and the intense black olive, cooked in a cauldron with apples, give birth to a jam both acid and sweet. An alliance of atypical flavors, between green tapenade and fruit jam, all mixed with care to have a pleasant texture on the palate. A mix sweet and sour, at it with goat's cheese.

How to use it ?

Delicious on toasts with goat's cheese! The olive and apple jam accompanies the foie gras or smoked salmon.

Recipe idea: a terrine “black and white” which blend goats cheese and the olives jam, it is served with grilled bread. You can also serve it in aperitif in a zucchini roll and goats cheese.

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Apples (26%), black olives (15%), green olives (9%)


Data sheet

Fruits (apples (26%), black olives (15%), green olives (9%)), cane sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent : pectin
Keep in the fridge after opening
Fruit content
préparé avec 50 grammes de fruits pour 100 grammes
Total sugar content
57 grammes pour 100 grammes

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