The jam of kings! The recipe combines the scents of apricots from Drôme with the sweetness of Aix calissons and almonds. The calissons are a typical confectionery from the south of France - made from a thin paste of candied melon, almonds, topped with royal icing. This is the specialty of Aix-en-Provence, the city of origin of the brand Aix & Terra. Apricots, ripe and juicy, give a traditional jam if used alone. In association with the calissons, the jam finds a new dimension of new flavors! Cooked in an old-fashioned cauldron, it is a craft creation with the scent of fruits and almonds to savor on a cake or a brioche.


Data sheet

Apricots (53 %), cane sugar, sugar, lemon juice, cracks of almonds, calissons (1%) (almonds, sugar, crystallized melons (melons, sugar, glucose syrup), crystallized orange peels (oranges, sugar, glucose syrup), gelling agent : pectin
Allergenic Ingredients
Keep in the fridge after opening
Fruit content
préparé avec 53 grammes de fruits pour 100 grammes
Total sugar content
53 grammes pour 100 grammes