It’s the whole Provence on a slice of bread! The combination of Provence PDO Fig (Solliès-Pont) of remarkable quality and rosemary, aromatic plant of Provence, cooked in copper cauldron as the old: all Provence is gathered in a jam. A jam that can be enjoyed as salty or sweet, it will sublimate a piece of beef, a roast pork or embellish a dessert. A little extra for each of your dishes!

How to use it ?

To be savored around an exceptional brunch: on foie gras toasts, accompanied by a meat, with a fresh cheese or a fruit salad. As for desserts, it will be perfect for stuffing cakes, with white cheese or faisselle.

Recipe ideas: A slice of foie gras on gingerbread and fig jam.

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Fig PDO (53%), rosemary infusion (3%)


Data sheet

Fig PDO (53%), cane sugar, rosemary infusion (3%) (water, rosemary), lemon juice
Keep in the fridge after opening
Fruit content
préparée avec 53 grammes de fruits pour 100 grammes
Total sugar content
63 grammes pour 100 grammes