Citres à l'orange et pommes
  • Citres à l'orange et pommes
  • Citres à l'orange et pommes

Provençal Watermelon and Orange Jam


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Try it on fresh bread with butter or in a crepe!

Hand made.

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It is the perfect marriage between the citre ("Provençal watermelon") and the orange! Present on the periphery of the Mediterranean, the citre is a variety of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) of the family Cucurbitaceae. Like the quince, its raw flesh is not edible but once cooked, its compote is divine! The harvest is in November, when the days become shorter and less sunny - it's the perfect time to eat this jam that will bring sun thanks to its flavors. This recipe combines the sweetness of citres and apple with the acidity of orange. Cooked in the old copper cauldron, it gives off sweet and fragrant flavors. Perfect to replace the traditional marmalade of oranges.

How to use it ?

To enjoy at breakfast to start the day with sunny notes or at tea time on a bread with some butter. It can also accompany a white fresh cheese or - the must - a foie gras!

Recipe idea: rolled cake with Provençal watermelon and orange jam

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Fruits (provencal watermelons (27%), oranges (14%), apples (14%)), orange peels (1%)


Data sheet

Fruits (provencal watermelons (27%), oranges (14%), apples (14%)), sugar, lemon juice, orange peels (1%), gelling agent: pectin
Keep in the fridge after opening
Fruit content
préparée avec 55 grammes de fruits pour 100 grammes
Total sugar content
65 grammes pour 100 grammes