The Caramel & spices of Julien Allano 24.69 Oz


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Michelin star chef Julien Allano has created this original recipe produced in the Manufacture aix&terra. Taste it on a duck breast or with a red meat!

Hand made

24.69 OZ


It is as a neighbor and friend that Julien Allano, Michelin star chef at the restaurant "Le Clair de la Plume" in Grignan, often comes to the Manufacture - which he is the godfather - to cook with Marina Alibert and his teams. In fact, the chef shares with Aix&terra the same passion for the fruits and vegetables of Provence, the local agricultural products from which they draw their inspiration. Today, the Manufacture and Julien Allano anchor their collaboration with the creation of a range Sauces & Condiments called "Julien Allano by aix & terra". This specific collection, personalized by a black label, brings together recipes signed by the star chef, developed and manufactured by the Manufacture. Julien Allano likes to lacquer meat and fish with a homemade sauce which he has the secret. For aix&terra, the chef creates an original recipe: caramel made with sugar and balsamic vinegar, raised with green anise seeds grown in Provence, pink berries, cumin and curry. This aromatic fusion gives a full-bodied sauce whose spicy and aniseed fragrances are proving crescendo.

How to use it ?

The Caramel with Spices can be used to bake the skin of a duck breast or a fish kebab (sea bass, sea bream, and tuna) previously seared.

It is also used to make marinades for poultry aiguillettes or pork ribs before barbecuing. A few drops poured on a foie gras sublimate the flavors. In the same way, the sauce nicely decorates a salad of strawberries.

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

Balsamic vinegar (sulfite), spices (6%) (pink pepper, curry, cumin, anise)


Data sheet

vinaigre balsamique (sulfite), sucre (44%), épices (6%) (baies roses, curry, cumin, anis)
Allergenic Ingredients
Keep in the fridge after opening

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