copy of Parmesan cream sauce with lemon from Menton


A delicious sauce created by the star chef Julien Allano with the complicity of the factory aix&terra.

Ideal, hot, on fresh pasta or ravioli or risotto.

Try also cold on toast in the apéritif

Hand made.

7.76 OZ



It is as a neighbor and friend that Julien Allano, Michelin star chef at the restaurant "Le Clair de la Plume" in Grignan, often comes to the Manufacture - which he is the godfather - to cook with Marina Alibert and his teams. In fact, the chef shares with Aix&terra the same passion for the fruits and vegetables of Provence, the local agricultural products from which they draw their inspiration. Today, the Manufacture and Julien Allano anchor their collaboration with the creation of a range Sauces & Condiments called "Julien Allano by aix & terra". This specific collection, personalized by a black label, brings together recipes signed by the star chef, developed and manufactured by the Manufacture. For this unusual recipe, Julien Allano has reinvented his famous parmesan cream in the style of aix & terra by combining the Parmigiano Reggiano, the emblematic Italian AOP parmesan, with cream and lemon peel from Menton, an ingredient emblematic of Provence. Handcrafted, the cream is distinguished by its creamy texture and subtle taste, where the smoky and fruity taste of cheese meets the sweet and tangy scent of citrus.

How to use it ?

Parmesan Cream with Menton Lemon can be enjoyed as an aperitif on toast or dip sauce. Lightly heated in the microwave or bain-marie, it also serves fresh pasta, ravioli or risotto.

More informations


Made in Provence – hand-made products

Major ingredients

PDO Parmesan (22,89%), fresh cream, lemon juice from Menton (5,34%)


Data sheet

Ail (16,5 %), mayonnaise, fenouil, pomme de terre, sucre, sel poivre. * Ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique
Allergenic Ingredients
mayonnaise, sulfite, oeuf, moutarde
Keep in the fridge after opening